We are in the time of the year where we are consistently switching out decorations for new holidays. Spiders and pumpkins make their appearance for Halloween, then it is a quick switch over to Thanksgiving decorations for a month, before breaking out the tree and decorating for Christmas! There are so many other holidays in this three month span, from Diwali to Hanukkah and more! When do you start decorating for your favorite holiday?

With these holidays so close together, decorating can become a cumbersome task. Use these tips to decorate safely.

Use a ladder. Inside and out, use a ladder to reach high places. Rooflines are best reached with a ladder, and it is safer than laying on the roof and reaching over the edge to fasten lights. Climbing on chairs and scaling half walls to lay garland inside can be risky. Proper use of a ladder will help keep you from falling. Remember, never climb on ladders when you are home alone!

Secure decorations. From your tree to the wreath, be sure that your decorations are safe and secure to prevent them from falling.

Keep your pets in mind. If you have a dog or cat that would find your decorations too tempting, you may want to reevaluate. Also note that some decor can be poisonous – like poinsettias.

Unplug when you leave. With increased lights and electrical outlets being used, be sure that you unplug the decorations when you leave the house.

Much like unplugging, be sure to extinguish flames before leaving. Not only should you be sure all candles are out, you should give wax time to cool before leaving.