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Why Do I Need to Review My Policy?


With the New Year, it is a great time to evaluate your policies. Maybe you remodeled your home last year and forgot to let your agent know. Or, maybe you finally caved and bought an RV. Make sure to get it on your policy as soon as possible! Puppy for Christmas? Pet insurance may be [...]

Why Do I Need to Review My Policy?2019-01-04T19:00:37+00:00

Deep Fryer Safety


There is nothing like a crispy deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving, but this method of cooking can be very dangerous for both your personal safety and for the safety of yourself and those around. In an article updated by Fox News a couple of years ago, they indicated that deep-fryer fires are responsible for 5 [...]

Deep Fryer Safety2018-11-16T13:17:27+00:00

Funerals: Costs and Coverage


Most of us avoid thinking about what would happen in the event of a death of a close relative - or even - ourselves. The lack of thought causes a lack in planning, which can burden those we leave behind. In a recent survey, 42% of Americans indicted that they are concerned about burdening others [...]

Funerals: Costs and Coverage2018-09-12T13:50:19+00:00

Disability Insurance: What is it and do I need it?


If you are anything like me you have probably heard of disability insurance but never given it much thought. We tend to think that only those in physically risking jobs, like construction, need to worry about it. The truth is, over 90% of disabilities in the United States are caused by illnesses, not accidents. This [...]

Disability Insurance: What is it and do I need it?2018-09-12T13:50:32+00:00
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