The Miller-Schuring Agency is an innovative independent insurance agency dedicated to the needs of its employees, clients, and insurance companies we represent.  We will seek out business partners to build profitable long-term relationships. Our foundation and growth are based on the principles of honesty, integrity and determination.

The success of the Agency is determined through the efforts of every employee. We will work with only the finest insurance companies available.  The Agency is dedicated to providing our clients personalized professional service in a competitive manner.  We earn the trust of our business partners by always using the highest ethical standards in every situation. Technology will be used as an element of our success, but never to the determent of it.

The Miller-Schuring Agency strives to continue growing at a sustainable pace. We will not limit our growth expectations and marketplace to a definitive point; rather, we will use our collective strengths and talents to achieve the maximum accomplishments possible. We believe that compensation is not the reason for doing a job well—but is the result of it.

We are established in Portage, Michigan.