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Fall Foliage is Here!


We are nearing the peak of fall foliage! Our friends at travel put together a list of the top 8 places to see the fall colors - and Michigan holds two different spots! Check out the article here: As Michiganders, we know that with the falling of leaves, we need to clean our gutters. [...]

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Hayride Safety Awareness


Cooler weather brings visits to the local cider mill where we can peruse the pumpkin patch and maybe take a hayride through an apple orchard. Businesses will most likely have safety measures in place for a safe hayride, but if you are going to a friends farm or happen to find a business who doesn't [...]

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Adjusting for Back to School


For many students, school starts in a week from today. If you haven't already started preparing for this, there is no time to waste. If you still haven't gotten school supplies or gone school shopping you will want to be sure to go this week. Luckily, many stores are having "Back to School Sales" and [...]

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Flag-Shaped Options for your Labor Day Party Guests


Labor Day is this weekend! Planning a party? Here are three foods shaped like the American flag for your guests! The appetizer: A flag shaped meat tray - try a large blend of different cheeses, crackers, and meats so that there is something for everyone! The dip: This flag shaped taco dip looks delicious! The [...]

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Rollercoaster Safety Tips


We hear about it in the news: injuries and even death resulting during a rollercoaster ride. While manufacturers and parks preach their safety - and generally rollercoasters are safe - there are tips that you should follow to ensure maximum safety. Follow age, height, and medical guidelines Watch the ride first so that you know [...]

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Smore, please!


The rain has arrived and is combating our drought-like conditions. We can finally enjoy the summer festivities of campfires and smores! Graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate, repeat... right? If you are feeling adventurous, try these twists on the traditional treat! Replace the marshmallow: Peep smores. Still have Peeps in your cupboard from Easter? If they haven't [...]

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Drought-like Conditions Cause Concern


We are about halfway through July, and at about half of our normal average rainfall. The ground is thirsty - marked by browning grass and wilting plants. This is a reminder that even the smallest bonfires can cause great damage. Many people will be camping this weekend or hosting gatherings at their homes - if [...]

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Nighttime Boating: 5 Tips to Keep You Safe


Warm summer nights are a catalyst for nighttime boating. Whether you are on an inland lake or on the "big lake," there are a few things that you should know to stay safe. This is not an inclusive list, and you should be sure that you are following standard safety protocols anytime you are boating. [...]

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Help Your Animals Beat the Heat


This weekend is going to be HOT. With "feels like" readings expected to be in the triple digits, many of us will be inside with the air conditioning on. We have had a taste of the high temperatures already this year, but this is a reminder to think about your pets, too. Luckily for our cats [...]

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