We came across an interesting article from PolicyGenuis that talks about those questions that many people may have, but don’t necessarily ask. You may feel embarrassed to ask these questions or assume you should know the answer – but that is not the case! Your Miller-Schuring Insurance Agent is here to help you with ANY questions that you may have! If you have any of these questions – or ones that we haven’t mentioned, be sure to write them down and bring them up at your next meeting. Better yet – give us a call and get them answered today!

  1. Is driving without car insurance illegal? Yes (at least in Michigan). Don’t drive without it!
  2. Is the minimum amount of coverage required by the state enough? While you won’t be in legal trouble, you may find yourself in some sticky situations. Having the bare minimum is not going to provide you a great deal of coverage. Instead, ask your Miller-Schuring Agent whaat their recommended coverage is for you in your particular situation.
  3. Are there different types of car insurance? Yes! BI, PD, PIP, and so many more options! Be sure to chat with your Miller-Schuring Agent to determine the best coverage for your particular situation.
  4. If I don’t own a car, do I need car insurance? There are options for basic liability coverage that don’t require you to be a car owner. If you drive other people’s cars frequently, you may want to explore this option with your Miller-Schuring Agent!
  5. Why does my marital status matter? Does the color of my car matter? Why? Car insurance premiums are based on the make and model of your car (not the color as commonly misunderstood). It is also based on risk. Studies have shown that particular groups (like married men) are less likely to get into car accidents than single men. For more information about this, talk with your agent!

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