Memorial Day weekend is almost here! Do you have your plans made for your long weekend?

Many will plan on using their RV, boat, or side-by-side for the first time this year. While storage insurance can be kept on many items through the winter months, it is very important not to move those assets out of storage until you have them properly covered.

Dave planned on going to a campground near Marquette. He arrived to the storage facility to retrieve the RV yesterday to get it ready for the trip. On his way from the storage facility to his house (a four mile trip), he was rear-ended.

Many people think that it is okay to pull items out of storage before changing the insurance. This can cause major issues. If you are planning on retrieving any items out of storage for this weekend, please call us first to get proper insurance on it!

Give your local insurance agency, Miller-Schuring, a call to be sure that you are covered for the weekend ahead of you!