Warm summer nights are a catalyst for nighttime boating. Whether you are on an inland lake or on the “big lake,” there are a few things that you should know to stay safe. This is not an inclusive list, and you should be sure that you are following standard safety protocols anytime you are boating.

#1. Have lights. Don’t get caught on the water without proper lighting. This is dangerous for you and those other nighttime boaters around you.

#2. Have a plan. Know where you are going and do not charter unknown paths in the dark.

#3. Tell someone else your plan. Someone who is not going out on the boat should know the direction that you are headed and when you plan to be home. They can be your greatest asset in an emergency situation.

#4. Check the weather. Don’t get caught out in a storm in the dark. It will make navigating more difficult and is less than enjoyable.

#5. Slow down. Boating at night decreases your visibility. Although you know your route and (hopefully) have traveled it before, you will need to drive more slowly than you can in the sunlight.

By now most boaters have contacted Miller-Schuring to let us know that they need the coverage back on their craft. If you haven’t yet, be sure to give us a call! Be safe this summer on your nighttime boating adventures, and be sure to send us your pictures!