We hear about it in the news: injuries and even death resulting during a rollercoaster ride. While manufacturers and parks preach their safety – and generally rollercoasters are safe – there are tips that you should follow to ensure maximum safety.

  1. Follow age, height, and medical guidelines
  2. Watch the ride first so that you know what to expect
  3. Never be afraid to ask the park employees questions. If you do not understand something, ask again.
  4. Keep all appendages in the seat at all times. Do not stuck arms, legs, or anything else out of the seat.
  5. Keep your eyes forward and your head back to prevent neck injury.
  6. Follow verbal instructions. Do not remove belts or bars until you are instructed to do so.
  7. Take breaks between rides to allow your body to rest.
  8. If you have a bad feeling about a ride, do not get on it – especially if it looks ill-maintained.
  9. Never stand when the ride is in motion.
  10. If you see something, say something.

Rosy Esparza reportedly questioned whether she was properly buckled into a ride at Six Flags in Texas in 2013. She fell out of her seat and plummeted to her death during the ride. Never be afraid to ask questions. Speak up as your safety depends on it.

If you are headed to a theme park in the last few days of summer, we encourage you to take the above precautions to ensure maximum safety!