April Showers bring – homeowner trouble! Are you prepared for the upcoming rain showers? Here are three tips to help you get prepared!

Clean your gutters. Though you probably cleaned out your gutters in the fall, late autumn leaves may have nestled in and spent the winter harbored in your gutters. Take a moment to clean them out to ensure that rain washes properly away from your house. Clogged gutters can cause water blockage and cause overspill, prohibiting your gutters from working as they should. Also, birds may try making nests in your gutters so be sure to check them frequently throughout the spring. Gutter guards can help protect against both natural build up and help prevent critters from calling your gutters “home.”

Install egress window covers. Egress windows can catch and collect rain water. One way to combat this is to have an egress window cover. This is a covering for your egress opening that is still moveable in the case of an emergency. These can be pricy, but will be well worth the cost if it prevents pooling water in your egress or even saturation and moisture in your basement.

Evaluate the grading around your home. Water should run away from your house. Even a once finely graded yard can start deteriorating and may need to be re-graded over time. Water running toward the home or pooling right next to your foundation can quickly become trouble!

Our last piece of advice? Evaluate your coverage! If water happens to get in your home, what coverage do you have? Unsure? Give us a call and we will help you find out!