At Miller-Schuring Insurance Agency we offer pet insurance. If you haven’t yet considered it, check out the ten most common medical conditions for dogs and the costs below.

Skin Allergies: Having a pooch with skin conditions can really add up. On average, these conditions cost $255 to treat. If you have had to deal with skin allergies you know that it can be a series of visits to weed out the factors and nail down exactly what is causing the skin condition.

Ear Infections: Costing about $170 to treat on average, ear infections are not only annoying for your pooch, but for your wallet as well.

Non-cancerous skin masses: Costing $377 to treat on average, if one of these undesirable masses pops up, you can be sure it’ll hit your wallet hard. Some turn out to be simply warts, while others can be more harmful.

Skin Infections: On average, these cost $128 to treat.

Diarrhea: This condition can be caused by a wide array of problems. While treating diarrhea typically costs about $175 to treat, it may be a side-effect of a larger problem.

Vomiting: Like diarrhea, this can be caused by a larger issue.

Arthritis/Ligament Pain

Dental Disease: Costing about $400 to treat on average, dental disease can cause bad breath, pain, and even tooth loss in your dogs mouth.

Urinary Tract Issues: From UTIs to blood in the urine, urinary tract issues can be expensive to treat.

Anal Glands: These can become impacted, infected, and abscessed which will require draining by a veterinarian.

While pet insurance may not be something that you have considered before, you may be considering it now. Paying a monthly premium is worth the piece of mind of being able to afford medical treatment if one of these common conditions come up.

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