Auto insurance can vary greatly depending on the coverage you are looking for. Answer these three questions to find out if you have a common gap – we are happy to help answer any questions!

Do you have an auto loan or lease?

According to Experian, 86% of new car purchases use financing. Customers may not realize in a total loss situation, while their policy will pay for the value of the car, it may not cover the remaining loan or lease balance.

How we can help: We may recommend auto loan/lease coverage, which covers the unpaid portion of your loan or lease.

Did you add any custom equipment or parts to your car after you purchased   it?

Many customers make custom changes to their vehicles. While coverage may be included in their auto policy, the coverage those who have added expensive customization may be limited.

How we can help: We may recommend additional coverage to ensure that those customizations are accounted for.

Do you commute daily by car?

Some customers do not drive on a daily basis. Others put miles on every day. Many customers purchase auto insurance for obvious reasons, like damage to their vehicle or bodily injury caused by an accident. There are some less obvious accidents (and they tend to happen more frequently) that should be considered, like a dead battery or a flat tire.

How we can help: We may suggest roadside coverage so that you are insured no matter the circumstance.