3 Reasons you May Need to Shop Insurance

It is easy to become complacent when you have a policy. You get your premium, you pay, and you put it in the back of your mind. But, comparison shopping is not a bad idea every once and a while.

  1. Your needs have changed.

You have now owned your house for long time. The value of your house has increased, yet you are only insuring it for its old value. This may become a problem if something happens and you need to make a claim. On the other hand, if you have had your classic car for a while, you may have more coverage on it than what is needed because the value has depreciated. Maintaining a current inventory of your assets and appropriate coverage will help you stay on track and save you money. Shop current rates for your car or home against different companies and see which allows you the best plan. By the way, iSCHURING.com allows you to see instant quotes from up to 4 companies. Try it and see the savings you could have!

  1. Your healthcare coverage needs a change.

Maybe you have found that you need a change in your health coverage. Compare the coverage that you have to coverage with Miller-Schuring’s companies and see if your plan still makes sense.

  1. It’s been awhile since you discussed your insurance needs with someone that understands and wants to help.

There are other aspects to great insurance than cost. Think of accessibility, personalization, and ease of claim management. Take, for example, the Miller-Schuring agency. Our agents are client focused. We want to know you and get you the best possible coverage at the best price. We will explore options with you to see how insurance can better fit your life. If you are not currently getting fantastic service, consider switching over to us and see the difference!