When we think about housework, we typically don’t label it as “dangerous,” however, there are a few tasks that require a bit more conscious effort to remain safe. Cleaning gutters is one of these tasks. Follow the safety tips below to ensure that you are safe while performing this task.

#1. Use a ladder properly.

When using a ladder, it is best to have another person present in case you fall. He or she will be able to act quickly to help you and call emergency care if necessary. Be sure that your ladder is fundamentally safe and not broken or rotted. Set the ladder into the ground so that it is sturdy. This can be accomplished by finding solid, level ground. If you start climbing a ladder and it wobbles, immediately come back down and situate the ladder so that it is sturdy.

#2. Clean off the roof first.

Wear rubber soled shoes and use a broom or rake to get leaves and other debris off of the roof first. This will prevent the debris from falling on you if the wind picks up unexpectedly.

#3. Use the proper tools.

Having a bucket to place debris in is helpful. Also, scooping tools made for gutter cleaning extend your reach and allow you to complete the task more quickly. Lastly, use a hose with a pistol handle. This will allow you to control water pressure with one hand, while keeping the other hand to sturdy and orient yourself.

#4. Clean on a routine.

At minimum, you should be cleaning your gutters in the spring and in the fall. If you tend to have messy trees or frequent storms that drop leaves and acorns on your roof, you may want to check the gutters in the summer, too. Consistent cleaning will keep blockage from occurring and make cleaning easier.

#5. Protect yourself.

Wear gloves and eyewear. Think about it – droppings from birds, squirrels, and other creatures can be sitting in the rotten leaves in your gutters. In addition, the glove protection will provide you a buffer if you run your hand along a sharp piece of metal.

Remember, responsible home ownership requires that you maintain your home appropriately while staying safe. In addition, it mean keeping your home properly insured. Contact your Miller-Schuring Agent with any questions when it comes to home owner’s insurance!