Cooler weather brings visits to the local cider mill where we can peruse the pumpkin patch and maybe take a hayride through an apple orchard. Businesses will most likely have safety measures in place for a safe hayride, but if you are going to a friends farm or happen to find a business who doesn’t have safety first, here is what you need to know to keep safe.

  1. Follow the rules. These may be posted or spoken by an individual who operates the farm or tractor.
  2. Do not stand. Remain seated so that you do not fall out.
  3. Hold on. Keep your hands free (this means put your phones and cameras away) so that you can have your focus and attention on the ride.
  4. Keep your arms and legs inside the wagon. If you don’t see that tree that the wagon narrowly squeezes by, an appendage is sure to get squished.

While these may seem like common sense, every year people are sent to the emergency room because of falling off or getting run over by a hay wagon. Remind your family of these safety tips before you ride!

If you operate a farm where you have visitors, you should ensure that you have proper insurance. Give us a call for more information!