If you are anything like me you have probably heard of disability insurance but never given it much thought. We tend to think that only those in physically risking jobs, like construction, need to worry about it. The truth is, over 90% of disabilities in the United States are caused by illnesses, not accidents.

This startling statistic raises eyebrows from desk-bound professionals like me. So let’s take a second look into disability insurance and what it covers.

First, let’s determine your need. Write down your expenses each month. This should include everything from housing and utilities to food and debts. Have a total? If you do not have the funds to pay bills for more than 90 days if you become sick or injured, disability insurance may be helpful in providing for those needs.

Okay, so maybe you have a need. When should you buy? If you are in good health and have income to protect there is no better time than now! Just over 1 in 4 twenty-year-olds today will become disabled by the time that they are 67. Typically, the rates are lower the younger that you are. Even if you have coverage through your employer, you may want to research it and determine if your own plan may be better.

Features include 24 hour coverage on or off of the job, non-coordinated benefit (will not be reduced by other benefits that you may receive), and partial disability. Benefit amounts range from $500 to $10,000 dependent on income, and there are several elimination periods to choose from. There are also optional coverages like First Day Hospital Confined rider and more.

If you are considering disability insurance, talk to one of our Miller-Schuring agents today. They can help you determine the benefit amounts and periods as well as any riders that you may want to add.