Are you thinking about adding a furry member to your family? The BISSELL Pet Foundation is hosting its annual Empty the Shelters campaign tomorrow, May 5th!

The BISSELL Pet Foundation is a funder and works through area shelters to sponsor adoption fees and find homeless pets forever homes. Tomorrow, the foundation will pay the adoption fee if you choose to adopt an animal from one of the participating locations. This event will be hosted in 111 locations across the country, click here to find a location near you!

Some shelters choose to put limitations on to which animals can be adopted. For example, older dogs typically have a more difficult time finding homes than puppies, so they may not include puppies in this event to help gain exposure for the other animals. It is highly suggested that you do you research today, find the animal that you are interested in, and start the process. That way you can know if that specific animal is included in the campaign and you can already have your approved application in. Some shelters will even require pre-approval, which means you need to get that application in today!

Please note, if you choose to adopt a dog, you will be expected to pay the dog license fee, which varies by county.

The Empty the Shelters Campaign is a great time to add a new member to your family. Consider adopting tomorrow! Once your new family member is settled in, be sure to get them covered under a Pet Insurance policy – we just wrote about that last month during National Pet Day! If you have questions regarding pet insurance, give Miller-Schuring Agency a call!