According to an article written last year by AdWeek, 44% of millennials see their pets as “starter children.”

What does this mean? More and more millennials are getting married and having children later in life – and first, are opting for a commitment to a furry friend. These companions allow millennials to have experience taking care of another being, but it is actually causing a change of perception of pets from companions to children, which has helped dubbed the term “fur baby.”

There is a growing trend for BPA and organic dog foods, as well as customized bedding and apparel options. There is also an increasing demand to allow pets in more public places.

In the insurance industry, we are seeing pet insurance increasing. If you think about it, these pets are being viewed as children. Understandably not a part of an employer’s benefits package, dog parents everywhere are getting on board with pet insurance. It allows stability and comfort knowing that these owners can pay for whatever necessary when it comes to the crew of their fur baby.

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