Buying gifts for every one on your list can leave your wallet thin. There are still ways to save this holiday season and keep your bank account growing. Read our tips below!

  1. Bank your cash savings and rebates. You got those shoes half off?! Great – add the half that you would have paid into your savings account in addition to rebates that you receive. These amounts will add up over time, and you will be able to not only see how much you saved, but have the cash to apply to a large expense!
  2. Plan for the 52 Week Challenge. Okay, don’t feel like you can tie up your funds in savings right now? Plan to start at the first of the year. On the first week of the year, but a dollar into your savings account. The next week, put $2 in. By week 52, you will add $52 and will have saved a total of $1,378 not including interest. That will make gift buying next year easier!
  3. Save your change. Break a bill? Don’t spend anything less than $1. Instead, put these coins and bills into a jar and deposit into your savings each month.

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