We all know the saying – April showers bring May flowers! Follow these simple tips to ensure that you are driving safely in rain storms.

Turn your lights on.
Yes, even in the middle of the day! A great rule of thumb to follow is: if the rain is on, your lights should be on! This allows maximum visibility in a rain storm.

Keep a firm grip on the wheel.
Potholes or standing water on the road can take you by surprise and violently grab your tires pulling you into a ditch. With rain covering your windshield, you may not even see the ominous water lurking on the roadway. As if water wasn’t enough to worry about, wind gusts can also throw you off balance and perhaps out of your lane. Keeping a firm grip on the wheel will keep you in your lane no matter what is thrown at you!

Take your time.
Rushing around while driving is never ideal. Giving yourself extra time will allow you the ability to slow down and keep calm while driving in the rain.

Allow more space between vehicles.
Exercising caution while driving in the rain means looking out for those around you, too. Braking early and giving adequate distance between you and other vehicles is beneficial for all.

Eliminate districted driving.
This is an obvious one. While you should never drive distracted, keeping your full attention on the road is essential in all situations – especially in extra challenging ones.

Following these simple steps will help you arrive to your destination safely during a rain storm. Is that rain causing more than driving problems? See our article on Preparing your Home for Rain. Shopping auto or home insurance? Contact Miller-Schuring for your insurance needs!