Driving in the winter presents a unique set of dangers. Looks can be deceiving – even seemingly clear roads can be laced in black ice. Sunshine not only makes us think the roads are fine, but can also make a layer of slush when can grab your car and pull you into a ditch. So, exercise caution and keep these items in your car all winter long.

#1. Ice Scraper – even a quick trip to the store can allow enough time for snow to freeze to your windshield into a layer of ice.

#2. Gloves – you may not think you need them – but you will be happy that you have them. And even if you “usually” wear them – keep an extra pair in your car for that one time that you forget. Whether pumping gas, scraping ice off of your windshield, or stranded on the side of the road – your hands will stay toasty!

#3. Shovel and Kitty Litter – these two tools can help you get out of a rut or back onto the road if you slide off.

#4. Blanket and Snack- if you are stranded on the side of the road and your car doesn’t turn on, you will be able to keep warm in a blanket – and warm your stomach while you wait for help.

#5. Phone charger – you always keep your phone charged right? Stash an extra phone charger in your car anyway. There is nothing worse than being in a situation and not having a method of communication.

Drive safely and exercise caution this winter. Always allow yourself extra time and keep an eye on other drivers this winter.

Now, we didn’t need to say it because you always have your proper insurance information in your car, right? Have questions or need to review your policy? Give us a call!