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What is the teal pumpkin for?


Have you ever noticed a teal pumpkin on the doorstep of a house where your kids have trick-or-treated? They are probably the ones that gave your child the plastic spider ring or bubbles. The Teal Pumpkin Project raises awareness for children with allergies who often can eat traditional candy given out during Halloween. This promotes [...]

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Staying Warm on Your Motorcycle


With the cooler mornings but warm days, you may have not put your bike in storage just yet. We found an informative article that will help you stay warm while riding your motorcycle in the fall. To read the full article, visit it here. Here are the tips in a nutshell: Have proper layering: interior [...]

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Fall Foliage is Here!


We are nearing the peak of fall foliage! Our friends at travel channel.com put together a list of the top 8 places to see the fall colors - and Michigan holds two different spots! Check out the article here: https://www.travelchannel.com/interests/fall/photos/americas-best-fall-foliage-road-trips As Michiganders, we know that with the falling of leaves, we need to clean our gutters. [...]

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Hayride Safety Awareness


Cooler weather brings visits to the local cider mill where we can peruse the pumpkin patch and maybe take a hayride through an apple orchard. Businesses will most likely have safety measures in place for a safe hayride, but if you are going to a friends farm or happen to find a business who doesn't [...]

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5 Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips


When we think about housework, we typically don't label it as "dangerous," however, there are a few tasks that require a bit more conscious effort to remain safe. Cleaning gutters is one of these tasks. Follow the safety tips below to ensure that you are safe while performing this task. #1. Use a ladder properly. [...]

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