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What to Keep in Your Car During Winter


Driving in the winter presents a unique set of dangers. Looks can be deceiving - even seemingly clear roads can be laced in black ice. Sunshine not only makes us think the roads are fine, but can also make a layer of slush when can grab your car and pull you into a ditch. So, [...]

What to Keep in Your Car During Winter2018-11-26T14:53:21+00:00

Do I really need to clean the snow off of my roof?


Tis the season! Snow is falling, lights are up, and holiday music is on the radio. Living in Michigan, we are no strangers to snowy roofs - but how much snow is too much, and when should we think about clearing it? According to an article written by USA Today, roofs can typically sustain 20 [...]

Do I really need to clean the snow off of my roof?2018-11-29T14:43:20+00:00

Giving Thanks


This Thanksgiving, we reflect on those we are thankful for at Miller-Schuring Agency. First and foremost, we are thankful for our clients. Without you, our agency wouldn't exist. We are delighted to serve our clients on a first name basis, and it is always our goal to provide the best insurance experience for our clients. [...]

Giving Thanks2018-11-16T13:27:17+00:00

Deep Fryer Safety


There is nothing like a crispy deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving, but this method of cooking can be very dangerous for both your personal safety and for the safety of yourself and those around. In an article updated by Fox News a couple of years ago, they indicated that deep-fryer fires are responsible for 5 [...]

Deep Fryer Safety2018-11-16T13:17:27+00:00

Are Poinsettias Poisonous to Pets?


We mentioned in a previous post that they are, but that doesn't mean you have to forego the beautiful flower this holiday season. The Pet Poison Helpline shares that they are not as poisonous as they are made out to be. You can read more about that here. This is good news if your pet [...]

Are Poinsettias Poisonous to Pets?2018-11-08T17:55:39+00:00

5 Holiday Decor Safety Tips


We are in the time of the year where we are consistently switching out decorations for new holidays. Spiders and pumpkins make their appearance for Halloween, then it is a quick switch over to Thanksgiving decorations for a month, before breaking out the tree and decorating for Christmas! There are so many other holidays in [...]

5 Holiday Decor Safety Tips2018-11-08T17:41:00+00:00

Car Crash: What you should do next


Getting into a car accident can be a scary and confusing time. Here is what you should know to do if should you end up in a crash. Be prepared before a crash happens. This means keeping an inventory of the possession that you keep in your vehicle, have the proper paperwork in your vehicle [...]

Car Crash: What you should do next2018-11-02T22:22:01+00:00

5 tips for preventing the flu


Flu-season is upon us! Think you know all of the tips to prevent getting the flu? Here are 5 tips that you can take advantage of in addition to getting the flu shot. Avoid close contact. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. When you are sick, keep your distance from others to protect [...]

5 tips for preventing the flu2018-11-02T22:06:14+00:00

Daylight Savings: Fall Back


Daylight savings time is this Sunday, and remember, in fall fashion, we fall back. So catch that extra hour of sleep, then be sure to check all of your clocks. While most of our electronic devices will automatically change time, there are a few places you will still want to check and change: Your car clock. [...]

Daylight Savings: Fall Back2018-11-02T21:56:23+00:00
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