Are Poinsettias Poisonous to Pets?


We mentioned in a previous post that they are, but that doesn't mean you have to forego the beautiful flower this holiday season. The Pet Poison Helpline shares that they are not as poisonous as they are made out to be. You can read more about that here. This is good news if your pet [...]

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Drought-like Conditions Cause Concern


We are about halfway through July, and at about half of our normal average rainfall. The ground is thirsty - marked by browning grass and wilting plants. This is a reminder that even the smallest bonfires can cause great damage. Many people will be camping this weekend or hosting gatherings at their homes - if [...]

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Hidden Undervalued Property for Professional Service Firms


We touched on the notion of undervalued property when we wrote about gaps that you may have in your auto owner’s policy (read it here!) - but even professional service firms can have undervalued property. According to a recent study, 92% of business owners are confident that they are properly insured. On the contrary, it [...]

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Three Tips to Prepare Your Home for Rain


April Showers bring - homeowner trouble! Are you prepared for the upcoming rain showers? Here are three tips to help you get prepared! Clean your gutters. Though you probably cleaned out your gutters in the fall, late autumn leaves may have nestled in and spent the winter harbored in your gutters. Take a moment to [...]

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Insurance for Sporting Goods Stores with Gun Sales


Due to recent court decision many gun shop owners may find themselves with their insurance policies non renewing. Depending on the amount of gun sales you have as a percentage of your overall sales, Miller-Schuring may be able to help you find coverage. Give us a call (269) 381-9442.

Insurance for Sporting Goods Stores with Gun Sales2018-09-12T13:52:25+00:00
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