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Hurricane threatens Carolinas – More Rain in Michigan?

As Hurricane Florence threatens the Carolinas, us home owners in Michigan can breathe easy - at least, for now. No one can be certain where the hurricane will travel after it makes landfall - although odds are against it, some projections have us getting some more rain in Michigan. While this week has us looking at dry and warm weather, [...]

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Adjusting for Back to School

For many students, school starts in a week from today. If you haven't already started preparing for this, there is no time to waste. If you still haven't gotten school supplies or gone school shopping you will want to be sure to go this week. Luckily, many stores are having "Back to School Sales" and "Labor Day Sales" so you [...]

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Flag-Shaped Options for your Labor Day Party Guests

Labor Day is this weekend! Planning a party? Here are three foods shaped like the American flag for your guests! The appetizer: A flag shaped meat tray - try a large blend of different cheeses, crackers, and meats so that there is something for everyone! The dip: This flag shaped taco dip looks delicious! The fruit: This blueberry, raspberry, and [...]

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My Dog Got the Disease that “Dogs don’t Get”

Last weekend I helped my parents put up an old fence. Per the usual, I brought my Golden Retriever with me to help. He often goes with me wherever I go, and he especially likes going to my parents to play with their dog. The dogs were playing in the yard, and I happened to be kneeled down next to [...]

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School Bus Safety

Summer is winding down and students are headed back to school. With buses back on the road, it is a good idea to remind ourselves of the law when it comes to school bus safety. Remember, school buses are like traffic signals: yellow means prepare to stop, red means stop, and hazards flashing means to proceed with caution. For more [...]

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Rollercoaster Safety Tips

We hear about it in the news: injuries and even death resulting during a rollercoaster ride. While manufacturers and parks preach their safety - and generally rollercoasters are safe - there are tips that you should follow to ensure maximum safety. Follow age, height, and medical guidelines Watch the ride first so that you know what to expect Never be [...]

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