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Drought-like Conditions Cause Concern

We are about halfway through July, and at about half of our normal average rainfall. The ground is thirsty - marked by browning grass and wilting plants. This is a reminder that even the smallest bonfires can cause great damage. Many people will be camping this weekend or hosting gatherings at their homes - if at all possible, refrain from [...]

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Nighttime Boating: 5 Tips to Keep You Safe

Warm summer nights are a catalyst for nighttime boating. Whether you are on an inland lake or on the "big lake," there are a few things that you should know to stay safe. This is not an inclusive list, and you should be sure that you are following standard safety protocols anytime you are boating. #1. Have lights. Don't get [...]

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Top Three Home Improvements

According to HGTV, the following three home improvements can earn you the best return when you go to resell your house. Even if you do not plan on reselling right away, tackling these improvements one by one may pay off in the long run. #1. Bathroom remodel (minor). No one wants an outdated bathroom - even if you aren't planning [...]

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3 Things to Know if You Offer Free Wifi to Customers

Wifi has become an expected commodity to many business places. Coffee shops and cafes are notorious for offering these hot spots, but nowadays there are operations in almost every business category offering the luxury. In fact, wifi helps businesses connect with their customers, attract customers and even increase sales. Think about it: you are a small automotive repair shop. When [...]

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Help Your Animals Beat the Heat

This weekend is going to be HOT. With "feels like" readings expected to be in the triple digits, many of us will be inside with the air conditioning on. We have had a taste of the high temperatures already this year, but this is a reminder to think about your pets, too. Luckily for our cats and dogs, we can bring [...]

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Home Improvements May Require a Coverage Adjustment

Summer is the season for home improvements! We all have a never-ending list of things we would like to upgrade in our house. You sort the list by importance and cost, then tackle them one at a time. My list consist of paving our driveway, finishing the downstairs bedroom, redoing the laundry room, and adding an out building! While this [...]