Top 10 Medical Conditions for Dogs


At Miller-Schuring Insurance Agency we offer pet insurance. If you haven't yet considered it, check out the ten most common medical conditions for dogs and the costs below. Skin Allergies: Having a pooch with skin conditions can really add up. On average, these conditions cost $255 to treat. If you have had to deal with [...]

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Don’t forget to insure your…starter children?


According to an article written last year by AdWeek, 44% of millennials see their pets as "starter children." What does this mean? More and more millennials are getting married and having children later in life - and first, are opting for a commitment to a furry friend. These companions allow millennials to have experience taking [...]

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My Dog Got the Disease that “Dogs don’t Get”


Last weekend I helped my parents put up an old fence. Per the usual, I brought my Golden Retriever with me to help. He often goes with me wherever I go, and he especially likes going to my parents to play with their dog. The dogs were playing in the yard, and I happened to [...]

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Help Your Animals Beat the Heat


This weekend is going to be HOT. With "feels like" readings expected to be in the triple digits, many of us will be inside with the air conditioning on. We have had a taste of the high temperatures already this year, but this is a reminder to think about your pets, too. Luckily for our cats [...]

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