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Top Three Home Improvements


According to HGTV, the following three home improvements can earn you the best return when you go to resell your house. Even if you do not plan on reselling right away, tackling these improvements one by one may pay off in the long run. #1. Bathroom remodel (minor). No one wants an outdated bathroom - [...]

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Home Improvements May Require a Coverage Adjustment


While winter weather may force you inside, this is a great time to make your interior home improvements! We all have a never-ending list of things we would like to upgrade in our house. You sort the list by importance and cost, then tackle them one at a time. My winter list consists of redoing [...]

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A Bad Throw and a Broken Window


Take me out to the ball game!   The warmer weather marks the start of baseball season. Whether you are catching the Tigers play or your son’s little league game, there are few better ways than to enjoy a beautiful warm day than at a baseball diamond.   If you are a fan of baseball, [...]

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Airbnb for extra cash? Here are some things you should know!


While Airbnb can be a great way to meet new people and earn extra cash, there are a few risks and exposures you should consider before committing. Our friends at J.M. Wilson created an informative article explaining the potential insurance risks when opening up your home. Read it here. Still have questions? We are happy to [...]

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Tips for Driving in the Rain


We all know the saying - April showers bring May flowers! Follow these simple tips to ensure that you are driving safely in rain storms. Turn your lights on. Yes, even in the middle of the day! A great rule of thumb to follow is: if the rain is on, your lights should be on! [...]

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Three Tips to Prepare Your Home for Rain


April Showers bring - homeowner trouble! Are you prepared for the upcoming rain showers? Here are three tips to help you get prepared! Clean your gutters. Though you probably cleaned out your gutters in the fall, late autumn leaves may have nestled in and spent the winter harbored in your gutters. Take a moment to [...]

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